Get to know the local history and culture!

As Bucharest is Romania’s capital, you can imagine that it is filled with several historical and cultural experiences that are not to be missed. We will recommend some museums and monuments that are perfect for a one-day tour of Bucharest. Firstly, if you get the chance, you should definitely visit the imposing Palace of Parliament building, which is the heaviest building in the world.

During the tour you will get the chance to learn more about communist history and reflect upon that period through a Romanian perspective. Another great tourist attraction is the Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum located on the shore of Herastrau Lake.

You will get the chance to see various traditional houses coming from different regions of Romania. This place is perfect for architecture lovers! Afterwards, you can also take a walk around the beautiful Herastrau Park that has lots of nice restaurants and coffee shops.

If you are interested in the traditional peasant lifestyle, you should also visit the Museum of the Romanian Peasant. Its explosion of traditional Romanian folk costumes is particularly impressive. Lastly, the Museum of Senses also represents a fun tourist attraction.

As it is modern and interactive, the museum is perfect for families with kids, looking for an entertaining Sunday afternoon.